Hear what student leaders across the UK have to say about working with me, and why you should choose Nathan for NUS!

UEA Students' Union Officer Team

Nathan has transformed UEASU in incredible ways. Getting students what they need is his bread and butter, and he doesn't mind if he has to rock the boat to do it. Cost of living? Feed thousands of students for free. University threatening to cut jobs? Mobilise students and staff in a big demonstration. SU building looking a little dull? Personally paint the walls and set up an exhibition about student history. UEA is metaphorically tattooed on his heart and literally tattooed on his leg. Let him show you what he can do for you as NUS VP HE, because what he's done for us is spectacular!

- The Team

NUS Vice President Higher Education Chloe Field

Nathan has clearly outlined how for decades governments have let down students and turned them in to a cash cow. NUS would be lucky to have Nathan as my successor. Someone who will continuously fight for a new system which puts students before profits.

- Chloe

Robbie Beale, Activities and Culture Officer, University of Manchester SU

Nathan is exactly what brilliant representation should be. He's got his finger on the pulse, and he is always making an effort to understand students' needs and concerns. He's not afraid to speak up and strongly criticise those in power, and he let's his emotions shine through - I think that's what makes him connect so well with the student body he represents in UEA. 

I'd love to see Nathan given the mandate to take our fight to the national level! He's a real gem and I can't wait to see what he gets up to.

- Robbie

Natasha Fernandes, University College Birmingham Equalities Officer

NUS needs a VPHE like Nathan, someone who executes what he works towards. He has always been thoughtful and makes sure he is representing everyone in the right manner. I’ve learnt a lot from him over the year, since the time we met at NUS lead and change, he has been one of the officers I’ve constantly come across at parliament, always contributing towards changes in policies. He has also worked on many campaigns within his university and made changes happen, being an officer we all know how difficult and draining that is and yet he has been working on this since 2020.

Nathan will make a great VPHE for NUS and I'm sure he will deliver whatever he promised he will work towards and that is what we need in our next NUS VPHE. I will be voting for him and would wholeheartedly recommend you to do so too.

- Natasha 

Suffolk Students' Union Officer Team

Having worked closely with Nathan it is clear he embodies the qualities we need for our leaders of NUS. His empathy, honesty and tireless dedication to the student movement are all qualities which ensure he consistently delivers for students. With a proven track record of positive results and a deep rooted commitment to change, Nathan is undoubtedly the leader we need to navigate the challenges we are all facing in HE.

Lewis, President of Education

With the ongoing and constant difficulties many students are facing, NUS really needs a leader who demonstrates a clear passion for making the student experience better. I believe this is Nathan. In the last year, I have seen how hard Nathan has worked to not only improve the student experience for UEA students but for all students. I have no doubt Nathan will excel in this role and be the driving force of some really positive change.

Katie, President of Activities and Wellbeing

Catherine Howells, Durham SU Education Officer

There is no one better suited to be NUS VPHE than Nathan. Throughout his time at UEA, he has consistently fought for students, particularly against the cost of living. His plans to fight against the marketisation of education and the rental crisis are exactly what the student movement needs and I am honoured to endorse him for the role.

- Catherine