Hi everyone,
Thank you for taking the time to check out my website! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Nathan Wyatt and I am currently Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer at the University of East Anglia Students' Union in Norwich. Since 2020 I have been fighting for students, both locally and nationally. In my first year of uni I campaigned for students to receive a rent rebate - we were paying for accommodation, but we weren't able to even use it! We received £800 back from the university when we threatened a rent strike. This showed me the power of the student movement, and our ability to impact our communities when we work together. In 2023, UEA was in the midst of a HUGE financial crisis. The university was £35 million in debt and nobody was taking accountability. I was proud to be the first student officer to call for our vice chancellor to either take a 30% pay cut or resign. Our VC was earning over £230 THOUSAND pounds a year, nearly double the salary of the prime minister. Thanks to the power of students, VC Richardson resigned during the course of our campaign. In my time as an officer, I've been working hard to make UEA Student's Union work for it's members. From celebrating our Unions rich history, developing an in house archive, to hiring a new CEO, the changes we've made this year will hopefully benefit our students for years to come. I know what its like to deal with organisations in crisis - its what  I've been doing since I started at UEA! I can use this experience to steer NUS out of its current troubles and can help bring the organisation back into the national conversation. Students deserve a loud and bold voice to challenge the government. I believe that I can do that, and I believe that NUS can do that. Please take a look round my website! You can find my manifesto, social media and information on my previous campaigns all on this one page. You can also contact me via the form provided on the website.Thank you for visiting!